• satellite in orbit

    Climate Systems for Aerospace Applications

    As new technologies are emerging in commercial and military applications, performance and testing become a critical process to determine compliance to standards and specifications.

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  • automotive diagnostics

    Climate Systems for Automotive Applications

    With the automotive industry constantly changing and adding new innovative technology, the need for testing either for research or manufacturing is more important than ever.

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  • litheum battery pack

    Dry Rooms for Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Lithium-Ion Batteries are the efficient energy choice used to power the increasing popular Hybrid & Electric Vehicles of the future.

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  • computer board microchip

    Climate Systems for Electronics

    To ensure performance of electrical and electronic components for vehicles, aerospace and commercial products, environmental testing under extreme conditions is critical to the long term reliability.

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  • laboratory

    Climate Systems for Laboratories

    There are all kinds of labs that provide testing of products and materials. This can include pharmaceutical labs, medical labs for research, University research labs, animal clinics, product testing labs such as for cosmetics, food, paper, etc.

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  • hearth health medical testing

    Climate Systems for Medical Applications

    With an increasingly stringent regulatory market for medical devices that serve millions of patients daily, extensive quality control and compliance is required by manufacturers.

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  • military drone

    Climate Systems for Military Applications

    As military product testing requirements have evolved, test chambers have become more diverse and are often customized to meet all environment testing needs.

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  • Airplane Engine

    Archival Vaults for Museums & Libraries

    Museums, Libraries & Universities increasingly monitor their conservation & preservation of historical and important document & materials related to a wide spectrum of subjects and topics of interest.

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Industry Leader in Dry Rooms, Environmental Chambers, & Archival Vaults Worldwide

Since 1967, Scientific Climate Systems has been the industry leader in designing and building Dry Rooms, Environmental Test Chambers & Archival Vaults for various industries. Scientific Climate Systems will design and custom build your Dry Room, Test Chamber or Archival Vault to meet precise temperature and humidity control for your specific application.

Dry Rooms 

Dry room visual

SCS dry rooms are designed for the research, development & manufacturing of lithium batteries used for hybrid vehicles, computers, mobile phones, and many other applications. Read More

Environmental Chambers 

envirommental chambers

Environmental Test Chambers are designed to meet precise temperature controlled and humidity controlled environmental conditions for testing and manufacturing products in many diverse industries. Read More

Stability Chambers

Walk-In Stability Chamber

Walk-In Stability test chambers are designed for many industries including pharmaceituical companies in product research & development.. Read More

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