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Environmental Test Chambers

Scientific Climate Systems will design and supply your environmental testing chambers, environmental rooms, and climate chambers to meet precise temperature and humidity control for environmental testing and manufacturing in a wide range of industries. Environmental test chambers, also known as climatic test chambers, are similar to enclosures which allow for the precise testing of environmental conditions on industrial products, machinery, components, biological products, test specimens and more. Our climatic chambers are able to replicate conditions for extreme temperatures and variations, moisture and humidity to determine the reliability and any after effects after being subjected to these conditions.

Walk In Climatic Test Chambers

With over 40 years of environmental test chamber experience, we take pride in our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers.

environmental chamber

Scientific Climate is your go-to testing chamber manufacturer. We offer the following walk-in climatic test chambers & environment controlled rooms:

Custom Walk-In Environmental Chambers

Each of our environmental test designs, including our cold cleanrooms and humidity chambers, is custom engineered for your specific environmental testing application. We have design capabilities for a wide range of temperature and humidity specifications as well as size requirements. With years of industry experience, engineering design, and lastest technology, Scientific Climate Systems can create custom systems to meet various climate control conditions.

All of our climatic environmental chambers & climate controlled rooms use:

  • “Air tight” modular construction for ease of installation and relocation
  • 4” to 8” wall, floor and ceiling panels with minimum of R-30 insulation value to allow for precise temperature and humidity control

In addition to designing and building custom environmental test chambers, we are capable of designing climate chamber controls and environment controlled rooms that can be fully integrated into your building automation system.

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