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Low Humidity Controlled Dry Rooms

dry roomUsing the latest technology to control and monitor humidity levels, SCS low humidity controlled dry rooms are used for a variety of applications. Our engineers' can custom design, install and maintain each high-quality, controlled dry room to ensure safety with fire-retardant room construction and insulated room enclosures. Furthermore, our dry rooms can be designed to meet ISO cleanroom criteria by utilizing HEPA filtration that is included within the mechanical systems to satisfy ISO Cleanroom classifications.

In addition to many industrial and commercial dehumidification applications, our dry rooms are commonly used for:

custom dry rooms

What is the Basic Scope of Work for a Dry Room Installation?

With over 50 years of experience in dry room construction, SCS takes pride in offering single-source accountability in our innovative, cost-effective designs. We build dry room controls fully integrated into your building automation system and guarantee that our custom dry rooms will meet your specific needs while performing safely at optimum levels and peak efficiency.

Scope of Work for Dry Rooms Installations:

  • Installation site inspection and pre-proposal meeting(s)
  • Design drawings for customer approval/site meeting and AutoCAD drawings for customer's permits
  • Dry room insulated sealed panel enclosure, walls, ceiling, airlock(s) doors, windows, and pass-thoughts
  • Vapor sealed floor with ESD epoxy finish coved to walls to seal joint seams
  • Dry room interior light fixtures
  • Desiccant dehumidification system(s) with cooling coils and filtration
  • DX refrigeration mechanical systems and insulated piping or chilled water piping when customer CW is available
  • Supply and return air distribution insulated ducting and grilles
  • Sensors and monitoring controls of temperature & dew point or relative humidity
  • Start-up and commissioning/service training
  • One (1) year warranty covering parts, labor, and expenses beginning on date of startup and acceptance

Preventative Maintenance/Re-Commissioning Service

To ensure continuous operation of the dry room requires maintenance checks of filters for process system cleanliness and lubrication of moving parts.  We offer Preventative Maintenance Service every 6 or 12 months from the date of startup to evaluate that the performance meets specifications. A Re-Commissioning Service is available to inspect the entire dry room facility, analyze performance, identify, and report any equipment issues and provide recommendations for improvements. We also provide Retrofit and Expansion program for our Dry Rooms.

Visit our resources section to learn why dry rooms are a great long term investment for your industrial or scientific application.

University of Michigan

Scientific Climate Systems recently completed a custom Dry Room for the University of Michigan's Energy Institute Battery Laboratory. Please check out our custom-designed battery test chamber here:


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