Design/Build LOW HUMIDITY DRY LAB INSTALLATIONS for manufacturing and assembly of COVID-19 virus detection test kits and strips. Single source responsibility providing: Expedited Delivery • Sealed Room Enclosure with Airlock Access • Flooring • Lights • Dehumidification & Refrigeration Systems • Air Distribution System • Temp & RH Control & Monitoring • Startup/Commissioning & Service Training • Full Warranty Parts, Labor & Expenses

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Low Humidity Controlled Dry Rooms

dry roomUsing the latest technology to control and monitor humidity levels, SCS dehumidification dry rooms are used for lithium battery manufacturing, automotive hybrid batteries, and medical devices. Our engineers' design, install and maintain each high-quality, low humidity controlled dry room to ensure safety with fire-retardant room construction and insulated room enclosures. Visit our resources section to learn why dry rooms are a great long term investment for your industrial or scientific application.

In addition to many industrial and commercial dehumidification applications, our dry rooms are commonly used for:

  • Lithium Battery Industry: SCS can provide controlled humidity levels less than 0.5% relative humidity in this critical environment.
  • Automotive Hybrid Batteries: Each SCS dry room for the automotive industry can be designed for supply dew points as low as -70 degrees Celsius.
  • Medical Devices: With an air-tight locking system and ISO 9001 certified equipment, our dry rooms provide the performance and construction integrity critical in the medical devices industry.

custom dry rooms

Custom Dry Rooms

In addition to dry room design and construction, our staff can custom design and build dry room controls that are fully integrated into your building automation system.

We also offer a Recommissioning, Retrofit and Expansion program for our Dry Rooms.

With over 40 years of experience in dry room construction, SCS takes pride in offering single source accountability in our innovative, cost effective designs. We guarantee that our custom dry rooms will meet your specific needs, while performing safely at optimum levels and peak efficiency. See some of the other advantages of choosing a dry room from Scientific Climate Systems. To learn more about our dry rooms, visit our Dry Room Resources.

University of Michigan

Scientific Climate Systems recently completed a custom Dry Room for the University of Michigan's Energy Institute Battery Laboratory. Please check out our custom designed battery test chamber here:


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