Design/Build LOW HUMIDITY DRY LAB INSTALLATIONS for manufacturing and assembly of COVID-19 virus detection test kits and strips. Single source responsibility providing: Expedited Delivery • Sealed Room Enclosure with Airlock Access • Flooring • Lights • Dehumidification & Refrigeration Systems • Air Distribution System • Temp & RH Control & Monitoring • Startup/Commissioning & Service Training • Full Warranty Parts, Labor & Expenses

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Aerospace Test Chambers

Advanced Airborne Technologies

As new technologies are emerging in commercial and military applications, performance and testing become a critical process to determine compliance to standards and specifications.  Environmental testing provides precise compatible conditions that simulate airborne operation.

SCS provides the design, engineering and installation of testing chambers to meet the appropriate standards and specifications for a full range of atmospheric conditions. Our staff of experienced engineers can satisfy specific requirements of any product configuration and performance simulation.

Environmental Testing

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