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Photograph Storage Vaults

SCS archival storage vaults for photographs and film are designed and manufactured by our engineers with advanced technology for permanent preservation. Many considerations regarding temperature and humidity go into photo and film archive preservation. With close attention to these considerations, our film storage vaults ensure that your photographs and film do not degrade physically and chemically by outside elements.

Photograph & Film Storage Vaults should:

  • Color film and photographs should be stored at a temperature as low as possible, typically 40°F
  • Colder Temperatures are an option, however, operating costs need to be considered
  • For black and white film and photographs, 55°F to 60°F and 40% RH is considered acceptable for permanent preservation.
  • Humidity level is typically controlled at 30% to 40% RH
  • Precise temperature and humidity control to preserve all of your photographs
  • Custom designed Photo Archive Storage Vaults to maximize any of your space requirements
  • Vaults are constructed with 4” polyurethane insulated wall panels that have painted galvanized metal or aluminum surfaces
  • All construction material are non-off gassing

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