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Environmental Chamber Maintenance

  • SCS will send our own experienced, factory trained personnel to do the complete installation. We insist that all of SCSs technical personnel are thoroughly experienced and have a practical knowledge of complex, mechanical systems. Extensive, hands-on training with every conceivable system and component is standard procedure for each SCSI technician. All of this helps insure that every single Project we construct is done right the first time, every time.
  • SCS's standard warranty on all of our products include ten years on the modular wall panels, five years on the specified refrigeration components, two years on the dehumidification system, a one-year parts & Labor warranty. Additional warranties and Service Maintenance Contracts are also available.
  • After every completed installation, SCS will train your selected personnel on how to operate and do standard, normal maintenance on the SCS Chamber. Additional maintenance service contracts by SCSI Factory trained personnel are also available.


    We check the following systems:

    • Inspect refrigerant piping for oil leaks that may indicate a refrigerant leak.
    • Inspect inlet side of condenser coil for obstructions that may block airflow and reduce compressor performance.
    • Inspect suction filter core and suction dryer annually or as needed.
    • Verify proper refrigerant pressures and oil levels.
    • Inspect liquid line sight glass for proper level.
    • Inspect chamber door seals for wear and verify doors shut properly.
    • Inspect all panels and windows for leaks or other faults.
    • Verify airflow.
    • Check controller operation
    • Verify proper reading of all temperature sensors.
    • Verify proper operation of and inspect all controls and recorders.
    • Inspect all electrical and control wiring for wear or other damage.
    • Inspect all solenoid valves, mechanical relays, etc for wear or other damage.
    • Check electrical connections.
    • Inspect cooling coil drain pans for proper water removal
    • Inspect drain line
    • Verify temperature and humidity

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