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Lithium Battery Dry Rooms & Battery Test Chambers

Lithium-Ion batteries are the efficient energy choice used to power the increasing popular Hybrid & Electric Vehicles of the future. Where these batteries help reduce CO2 emissions in vehicles and the continued use of Lithium batteries in computers, smartphones & medical devices-Lithium battery research and production is more important today than ever. These batteries are very moisture sensitive and must be researched and developed in a very dry environment. Scientific Climate has experience in custom-built low humidity control battery test chambers. 

Low Humidity Control Dry Rooms:

  • Dry Air can be supplied to Dry Room at a dependable -70°C dew point. The room can be maintained at any control level down to the - 55°C dew point or less than ½ % Relative humidity
  • Air tight room construction to prevent any moisture entering into your Dry Room environment and availability of fire rated panels to meet city local codes where necessary
  • Clean Room environments to eliminate any unwanted air particles from infiltrating product
  • Custom size Dry Rooms from 100 square feet Research room to 75,000 square feet Production facilities


Scientific Climate Systems recently completed a custom Dry Room for the University of Michigan's Energy Institute Battery Laboratory. Please check out our custom designed battery test chamber here

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