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Dry Room Specs

Dry Rooms

  • Modular construction allows easy disassembly and relocation.
  • Modular construction allows expandability in all three directions: length, width and height.
  • 4" thick walls ensure Dry Room chambers can be installed in high temperature and/or high moisture environments without changing conditions in the room (foamed-in-place urethane insulation. R value: 30). Fire retardant construction.
  • Up to 4 hour fire rated panels available
  • All components are accessible through vapor-tight access panels.
  • Dry Rooms Air can be supplied to Dry Room at a dependable -70°C dew point. The room can be maintained at any control level down to the - 55°C dew point. This provides flexibility to deal with any unforeseen changes.
  • The SCS skid-mounted mechanical package provides a one-path linear flow design with a beginning to end process. This is remotely located outside the Dry Room, leaving valuable interior production space untouched.
  • The entire dehumidifier/mechanical system is constructed of vapor-tight, continuously welded 1/8" thick aluminum enclosing all filtration, refrigeration, dehumidification, and control components.
  • The dehumidifier/mechanical system remote location allows easier access for service and maintenance.
  • Focus on Safety: Explosion proof motors, fire retardant & fire rated room construction.
  • Scientific Climate Systems offers custom built dry rooms. Please see the chart below for a comparison between Dew Point Fahrenheit and Celsius and the Relative Humidity Percent Equivalent

DEW POINT vs % Relative Humidity

DEW POINT °FDEW POINT °C (@21°C)RH % (@ 70°F)
-17°F -27 2%
-29°F -34 1%
-40°F -40 0.5%

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