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Dry Room Features

Single Source Dry Room Systems

SCS has earned a reputation for designing and constructing advanced technology Dry Rooms that meet and exceed the demands and expectations of our customers. SCS builds superior quality Dry Rooms providing our customers with:

  • Building Dry Rooms since 1967
  • Innovative, cost-effective design expertise
  • Single source responsibility
  • Fast-track design/build services
  • Guaranteed less than 0.5% relative humidity throughout entire Dry Room

SCS has made an ongoing commitment to advanced technology in Dry Room design. The advent of these new technologies and new products will provide continued innovations for the Dry Room industry. (We're also a leading manufacturer and designer of environmental test chambers.) Click here to get more details about dry room specifications.

SCS provides our customers an array of benefits including:

Dry Rooms Design

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  • Guaranteed price and performance
  • An accomplished and experienced staff
  • A full range of engineering specialties
  • An integrated design and construction team geared for fast-track projects
  • Latest in computerized Dry Room controls
  • Full service support

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