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Case Studies

Archival Vaults for Library of Congress

Client: Library of Congress

Contract: Engineering and installation of 25,000 ft² of temperature- and humidity-controlled archival vaults

Scope: The installation of the new archival space was part of a larger expansion project outside of Washington, D.C. in Ft. Meade, Maryland. The project consisted of construction of five archival vaults, each with its own climate control and dehumidification system. With a constantly maintained temperature of 30-40°F, the rooms had to be controlled at low levels of humidity in the 30% to 40% RH range to preserve historical documents and other artifacts.

Details: After being awarded the contract in 2006, SCS provided the engineering and design, including all necessary schematics and procurement services. Construction began in 2007, with final commissioning and start-up taking place in 2009.

The general contractor on the project selected SCS in part to help bring the contract under budget and to benefit from SCS's extensive experience in providing a single source responsibility. This allowed the company to retain greater quality control over the finished product and gave the client a single point of responsibility for the project. Additionally, the Library of Congress wanted portions of the new space for the preservation of extremely important and delicate historical documents. SCS responded by designing an air tight enclosure and integrating all the key mechanical components to ensure uniform air distribution and maintain the required temperature and humidity control necessary to achieve long-term preservation for sensitive historical documents.

Through its high level of expertise and qualified staff, SCS completed the project under budget, offered integration of all equipment to meet the contract specifications, and completed the project successfully in a timely manner in partnership with the general contractor and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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