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Humidity Controlled Chambers

humidity chamber

Scientific Climate Systems carries a wide range of walk-in humidity test chambers from less than 1% RH to 99% RH. Our walk-in humidity chambers are custom engineered to meet your specified humidity at the required temperature. Our standard superior precision industrial humidity controlled chambers are 20% RH to 95% RH, +/- 5%, and 10% to 98%, plus or minus 2%. At Scientific Climate, we are experts in humidity chambers & dehumidification systems.

Additionally, our humidity test chambers have:

  • Modular construction allows for easy installation and relocation of your humidity chamber
  • Stainless Steel construction for high humidity applications to prevent rusting
  • Steam distributors designed to maintain steam flow evenly across the full duct width to help with uniformity throughout your humidity chambers
  • Humidifier consists of steam generator cylinder will be of the disposable type to help facilitate easy and quick maintenance
  • All mineral and calcium deposits are contained in the discarded cylinder eliminating time-consuming cleaning of humidifier

Scientific Climate Systems is also an industry leader in cold cleanrooms, temperature chambers, and stability chambers, in addition to our expertise in dehumidification systems.

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