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Archival Storage Vaults

archival vaults

Our Temperature and Humidity Controlled Archival Storage Vaults are designed for the permanent preservation of valuable archives such as:

Custom Archival & Controlled Environmental Vaults

Without close control of temperature and humidity, both physical and chemical degradation will occur over time. In addition, the air quality of the storage vault must be controlled to eliminate damaging pollutants and oxidants.

Outdoor makeup air should also be introduced to the archival storage vault to purge any off-gassing chemicals from the collection itself. The pollutants, oxidants and off-gassing chemicals can be controlled effectively using a combination of activated carbon and various other chemicals which are impregnated onto a filter matrix.

Temperature and humidity levels that are to be controlled will vary depending on the media being stored. SCS engineers take each of these variables into close consideration when designing our archival storage vaults for permanent preservation.

For scientific and research uses, we also design and manufacture environmental test chambers and environmental vaults.

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