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Temperature Chambers

Temperature Chambers Since 1967, Scientific Climate Systems has been the industry leader in designing and building walk-in temperature chambers for many applications including testing components, products and assemblies. SCS temperature chambers and thermal shock testing chambers are used for testing and controlled storage for many industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and many more. With a track record of thousands of successful installations worldwide, SCS is the choice for first-class quality in engineering and construction of temperature controlled chambers.

We take a number of measures to ensure that your temperature chamber or climatic testing chamber is kept at an extremely precise range:

  • SCS temperature chambers have superior temperature control: as precise as ± .5°C
  • SCS temperature chambers may operate in ranges from -40°C to +85°C
  • Ramp rates available up to 5oC per minute
  • Air- and water-cooled condensing units are available
  • Complete refrigeration systems designed to meet your precise requirements

Options for Your Walk In Temperature Chamber

We also offer a wide range of options to fit your precise needs including:

  • Indoor and outdoor chamber installations available
  • Sophisticated control technology:
    • We can design your temperature chamber to ramp and soak multiple test applications simultaneously, allowing for unmanned testing during nights and weekends
    • Run your tests online: remote monitoring allows you to monitor chamber from a Web interface on your desktop computer
  • Custom air handling systems can be mounted on top of indoor installations and anywhere remotely for outdoor chambers

To provide complete quality assurance, we can provide documentation to validate the installation, operation and performance of your custom temperature chamber to your specified parameters.

In addition, we engineer and manufacture cold cleanrooms and stability chambers.

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