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Retrofitting, Relocating & Expansions for Dry Rooms

The evolving needs for change in manufacturing and facility requirements for critical temperature, humidity and cleanliness control areas can be addressed easily with the SCS modular construction design. The versatility of this design provides countless opportunities to modify, expand and/or move to accommodate current manufacturing requirements.

No matter where you are or who the original manufacturer is, SCS can provide services for Retrofitting, Relocating, or Expanding Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers, Dry Rooms and Archival Vaults.

Design Options

  • SCS Modular Panel design allows for easy disassembly & re-assembly to relocate existing Walk-In Room.
  • SCS Design allows customers the to work within budget constraints by purchasing a smaller size chamber and then expanding that chamber at a later date to a preferred larger size when budget approvals become available
  • SCS offers design capabilities that allows our customers the flexibility to retrofit their existing chambers if their temperature and/or humidity specifications need to be modified in order to meet the demands of their customer’s
  • SCS capabilities also include retrofitting, relocating or expanding many of our competitors applications, the original manufacturer does not limit our capabilities
  • SCS uses their own factory trained employees for field installation that allows complete quality control of any required application
  • There are not any geographical limits to where we can provide services to meet any of your relocation requirements.

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